Café 30" Built-In Convection Single Wall Oven Matte White


$4,799.00 MSRP

Wifi Connect

Wirelessly control oven functions from your smartphone.

Enjoy total control in the kitchen and beyond

No Preheat Air Fry

With this no preheat air fryer right in the oven, you can cook healthier, crispier versions of your favourite foods in less time.

Enjoy total control in the kitchen and beyond

Precision Cooking Modes

Simplify the cooking process with precision cooking modes that automatically track progress, and make time and temperature adjustments

True European Convection with Direct Air

Faster more even results for roasts, chicken, turkey and other special-occasion favorites, with the only cooking system that delivers true top-down convection

In-Oven Camara

Check status from anywhere without opening the oven door with live streaming video of your food on your smartphone