Accessorize your kitchen like you do your outfits.

Add personal style to your kitchen appliances with designer curated hardware.

You love your bronze belt with your favourite black dress. Why not add the same touch to your new range? With Café Matte Collection appliances, you can add custom handles and knobs to match or contrast your kitchen palette for a custom look.

Just as your style evolves, your rooms do too—from changing out throw pillows to adding new art, your home is your canvas. Now your appliances can keep up. On nearly every piece in the Café Matte Collection, you have the option to change your hardware to a different finish to bring your personal kitchen vision to life. Good interior designs incorporate textures, patterns, finishes, and materials that visually connect the home. These layers create warmth, depth and balance that flows throughout your space. Café appliances help compliment your kitchen’s interior and echo your home’s curated details to create total harmony.

  • Hardware Finishes

  • Brushed Stainless
    Brushed Stainless

    A gentle shimmer of stainless steel sets a subtle, modern kitchen mood.

  • Brushed Black
    Brushed Black

    Sleek and moody, this black has a slight sheen to make your appliances shine.

  • Brushed Bronze
    Brushed Bronze

    Bronze is back. This muted version mixes well with most any colour palette.

  • Brushed Copper
    Brushed Copper

    The warmth of copper without too much gleam gives your appliances a rosy glow.